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Sheila Jeffreys writes in the areas of sexual politics, international gender politics, and lesbian & gay politics. She has written ten books on the history and politics of sexuality. Originally from the UK, Sheila moved to Melbourne in 1991 to take up a position at the University of Melbourne. She retired back to the UK in 2015. She has been actively involved in feminist and lesbian feminist politics, particularly around the issue of sexual violence, since 1973.

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A picture of Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life, a book by Sheila Jeffreys, 2020

Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life - Sheila Jeffreys, 2020

“I am in the very fortunate position of having been able to contribute to two waves of feminism: The Women’s Liberation Movement and the new wave that is taking place now.” Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life is both an engaging autobiography and a fascinating account of feminist history. From the heady days of the Women’s Liberation Movement through to the backlash against radical feminism as neoliberal laissez-faire attitudes took hold. Read more…

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Men’s Sexual Rights vs Women’s Sex-Based Rights – 15 May 2021

Download a full transcript of Sheila Jeffreys’ talk given at the WHRC Spanish language webinar on 15 May 2021 here. Mens’ sexual rights vs women’s sex-based rights

‘Body Art’ and Social Status: Cutting, Tattooing and Piercing from a Feminist Perspective

This article by Sheila Jeffreys, published in Feminism & Psychology vol. 10(4) 2000, analyses the developing industry of body modification, in which cutting, tattooing and piercing are carried out in studios for profit. It seeks to offer a feminist understanding of this industry which places it on a continuum of harmful cultural practices that include […]

Sheila Jeffreys on the translation of Gender Hurts into Spanish

Sheila Jeffreys gives a talk at the Spanish-language WHRC webinar led by Laura Lecuona and Ananda Castano to mark the translation of her book, Gender Hurts, into Spanish. Watch here.