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Enforcing Men’s Sexual Rights in International Human Rights Law – June 2018

Why International? Talk given at We Need to Talk, June 2018

“I am going to talk today about why it is important to think internationally when dealing with the threat posed by men’s crossdressing activism (commonly called the transgender rights movement) to women’s human rights. In the UK the feminist resistance has been growing exponentially in the last year to excellent effect. But we have concentrated on the UK manifestation of crossdressing rights. We have been looking at the tip of the iceberg and not noticing the growing, powerful international men’s sexual rights movement that supports what trans rights activists are demanding in this country. There is a huge international human rights campaign backing this local trans rights activism featuring powerful individual and corporate donors, a range of very influential human rights organisations, many dedicated entirely to trans rights internationally, and a variety of important documents making statements about trans rights that do not yet have any force in law but are increasingly recognised internationally as human rights best practice.”

Download article PDF here sheila-jeffrey-Enforcing-men or read online at Dr RadFem’s website here.