‘Unpacking queer politics’ – a discussion with Sheila Jeffreys and Marian Rutigliano

Sheila Jeffreys and Marian Rutigliano discuss Sheila’s book, ‘Unpacking Queer Politics’ at WDI Radical Feminist Perspectives – 29 August 2021.

Sheila Jeffreys on the book ‘Doublethink’ by Janice Raymond

Sheila Jeffreys discusses Janice Raymond’s new book ‘Doublethink’ at the WDI Feminist Question Time on 30 October 2021

Queer theory and violence against women – March 2004

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“I want to talk about how queer and ‘postmodern’ theory has affected the ability of feminists and lesbians to organise against, or even to recognise violence against women. In queer and postmodern theory, based on liberal individualism, important forms of violence are renamed ‘transgression’, ‘choice’ or ‘agency’. I shall concentrate on 3 forms of violence here, men’s prostitution […]