The Insult of Transgenderism – WDI talk 12 February 2022

The Insult of Transgenderism

Sheila Jeffreys WDI 12 February 2022

We need to move on to the next stage in our struggle against transgenderism, that is moving beyond confronting individual challenges such as men entering women’s spaces, sports and opportunities to opposing the idea and practice of transgenderism itself. I am going to talk today about how the concept and expression of something called ‘gender identity’ on the part of men who impersonate women is an insult to us. You may wonder what is new about that, so many women now recognise that today after the great activism and successes of the now worldwide movement for women’s sex-based rights. But I do not think that the insult of transgenderism to women is fully realised. There is an inclination on the part of many feminist activists to find an acceptable reason for the exclusion of men with gender identities, such as women’s safety, without opposing the very idea of transgenderism. This is completely understandable. It may seem to make sense tactically since most of the public understands such emergencies as the threat to women if men with gender identities are in women’s prisons or masquerading as women as leaders of the girls’ scouts on overnight trips. The public, we may feel, are not yet ready for understanding why it is a problem that men impersonate women at all.

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