Radical feminist debunks transgenderism – March 2019

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“Sheila Jeffreys, an English radical feminist and author, has spent more than forty years fighting for women and girls’ sex-based rights. In 2014 she wrote a book Gender Hurts which controversially rejects the politics of transgenderism. Last week she was in New York with the Women’s Human Rights Campaign helping to launch the Declaration on Women’s […]

Sheila Jeffreys on neoliberalism, identity politics and the women’s lib movement – October 2016

“Feminism has suffered a significant loss in recent decades. The impact of “queer studies,” neoliberalism, and identity politics was substantial. Renowned radical feminist, Sheila Jeffreys, witnessed the move from “Women’s Studies” to “Gender Studies” in academia and saw feminist discourse and women’s culture built during the second wave eroded. Jeffreys joined the women’s movement in […]

Transgender politics: are all ideas equal? November 2015

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Germaine Greer’s appearance at a UK University was almost stopped by a petition because of views she expressed about transgender people. Many disagree with statements she made during an appearance on the BBC’s Newsnight program this week, with some claiming her recent views on transgender people are misogynistic, controversial and transphobic. Should controversial views be […]

WORT interview with Thistle Pettersen – November 2014

Thistle Pettersen conducts a live interview with controversial feminist Sheila Jeffreys. Listen to the interview here.

Derrick Jensen interviews Sheila Jeffreys on Resistance Radio – 21 October 2014

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“Sheila Jeffreys is the author of ten books on the history and politics of sexuality. She has been actively involved in feminist and lesbian feminist politics, particularly around the issue of sexual violence, since 1973. Today we will be talking about queer theory.” Listen to the full interview here.

Woman’s Hour podcast – August 2014

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Sheila Jeffreys talks to Woman’s Hour about her book, Gender Hurts. Listen to the radio interview here.

Woman’s Hour podcast – March 2014

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Jane Garvey talks to Sheila Jeffreys about prostitution. Listen to the podcast here.

Where have all the radicals gone? When feminism gets moderate – April 2011

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In a world where feminism as a whole is often touted as a bad word, radical feminism in particular is marginalized, not only by the mainstream media, but often within third-wave feminist discourse. Are we afraid to be ‘too’ radical at the risk of alienating the masses? Or is radical feminism simply misunderstood? This radio […]