Sheila Jeffreys on Kate Millet – March 2009

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Contributing to the Key Thinkers seminar series at the University of Melbourne, radical feminist scholar Sheila Jeffreys talks about the influence of Kate Millett on feminism. Watch the video on YouTube here.

Sheila Jeffreys: Beauty Practices and Misogyny – April 2006

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Sheila Jeffreys speaks on beauty practices and misogyny This speech was given by Sheila Jeffreys at the Andrea Dworkin Commemorative Conference, April 7, 2006. This original transcript was prepared by another radical feminist (blog now defunct). Hello everybody, it’s terrific to be here, and to be invited to be here, for this Commemoration of Andrea Dworkin, because of […]

Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism – 1982

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Talk given by Sheila Jeffreys in 1982 on sexual liberals and the attack on feminism. Listen to the audio from the National Library of Australia here.