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Sheila Jeffreys is a founder member of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC). She is a co-author of the Declaration on Women’s Sex Based Rights, which was created by the founders of WHRC to lobby nations to maintain language protecting women and girls on the basis of sex rather than “gender” or “gender identity”.

WHRC is a group of volunteer women from across the globe dedicated to protecting women’s sex-based rights. Volunteers include academics, writers, organisers, activists, and health practitioners. As a founding member, Sheila is a regular contributor at WHRC weekly webinars and has spoken at most Declaration launch events across the world.

WHRC video talks

The Importance of Challenging Men’s Cross-Dressing Behaviour and Drag – WHRC Germany webinar 11 October 2020

‘Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life’ – book launch at WHRC webinar 5 September 2020

Sheila Jeffreys speaks at WHRC Spanish language launch – 2 August 2020

Queer Politics – June 2020

Men’s sexual rights vs women’s sex-based rights – WHRC webinar April 2020

US Launch of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign – March 2019