Sheila Jeffreys speaks at WDI Spanish language launch – 2 August 2020

Sheila Jeffreys spoke at the Spanish language launch of the WDI Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights on 2 August 2020. Watch Sheila’s speech here.

Fetishism and the Construction of Male Sexuality – 4 July 2020

Sex industry image

Sheila Jeffreys gave the keynote lecture at the Sex Tech, Robots and AI: A Feminist Perspective webinar organised by the Campaign Against Sex Robots on 4 July 2020. Watch the full talk here.

Queer Politics – June 2020

Sheila Jeffrey’s talk from the WDI webinar 7 June 2020. Also featuring Julia Beck and Ariel Pereira. Watch the talk here.

Men’s sexual rights vs women’s sex-based rights – WDI webinar April 2020

Sheila Jeffreys talks about men’s sexual rights versus women’s sex-based rights at a WDI webinar on 18 April 2020. Watch the webinar here.

Theorising sexuality – Madrid October 2019

Watch Sheila Jeffrey’s talk on theorising sexuality, from Madrid in October 2019, here.

Cosmetic Surgery – discussion in South Korea

Surgery image

Watch Sheila Jeffrey’s discussion with feminists from South Korea on cosmetic surgery here.

Lesbians on Chairs – May 2019

Watch the full recording of the Lesbians on Chairs event from London in May 2019 here. Organised by Standing for Women, speakers include Sheila Jeffreys, Julia Long, Lesley Woodburn, Julia Beck and Dovile Lapinskaite. Chair was Anne Ruzlyo.

US Launch of Women’s Declaration International – March 2019

Watch the live recording of the US launch of WDI featuring Sheila Jeffreys, Maureen O’Hara and Heather Brunskell-Evans here.

The invention of gender dysphoria – November 2018

Transgender flag image

Watch Sheila Jeffrey’s talk on the invention of gender dysphoria at We Need to Talk, November 2018 here.

Sheila Jeffreys on Kate Millet – March 2009

Feminist image

Contributing to the Key Thinkers seminar series at the University of Melbourne, radical feminist scholar Sheila Jeffreys talks about the influence of Kate Millett on feminism. Watch the video on YouTube here.