‘Loving to Survive’ by Dee Graham – a discussion with Laura Lecuona and Sheila Jeffreys

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Sheila Jeffreys and Laura Lecuona discuss Dee Graham’s book, ‘Loving to Survive’, at WHRC Radical Feminist Perspectives – 24 October 2021

‘Intercourse’ by Andrea Dworkin – Sheila Jeffreys and an Indian feminist discuss

Sheila Jeffreys and an Indian feminist discuss Andrea Dworkin’s book, ‘Intercourse’, at WHRC Radical Feminist Perspectives – 4 October 2021

‘Man’s Dominion’ – a discussion with Sheila Jeffreys and Jo Bart

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‘Man’s Dominion’ by Sheila Jeffreys – a discussion with Sheila Jeffreys and Jo Bart at WHRC Radical Feminist Perspectives in August 2021

Sheila Jeffreys on Kate Millet’s ‘Sexual Politics’

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Sheila Jeffreys discusses Kate Millett’s book ‘Sexual Politics‘ and Batya Weinbaum talks about the work of Shulamith Firestone at WHRC Radical Feminist Perspectives – 18 July 2021

Sheila Jeffreys on the book ‘Doublethink’ by Janice Raymond

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Sheila Jeffreys discusses Janice Raymond’s new book ‘Doublethink’ at the WHRC Feminist Question Time on 30 October 2021

‘Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life’ – book launch at WHRC webinar 5 September 2020

Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life is both an engaging autobiography and a fascinating account of feminist history. From the heady days of the Women’s Liberation Movement through to the backlash against radical feminism as neoliberal laissez-faire attitudes took hold. Fast forward to the current re-examination of feminism in light of the #MeToo movement and […]

The Need for Revolutionary Feminism by Sheila Jeffreys 1977

There is a need for revolutionary feminism for two very important reasons – one is the liberal takeover of the women’s liberation movement, and the other is the grave lack of theory in the movement. Paper presented at the 1977 national Women’s Liberation Movement Conference in London by Sheila Jeffreys and re-printed in the Socialist […]

Where We Are Now: the Role and Future of Feminist Research – March 2014

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“Scholarly research, like many things, comes inbuilt with certain assumptions, biases and omissions. Take history and historical research. Yawning over centuries and straddling continents, so often the history recorded, studied and researched is a history of the accomplishments, milestones and experiences of men. It is the history of royal bloodlines, religions, battlefields, explorers and scientists. […]

Kate Millett’s ‘Sexual Politics’: 40 years on

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Kate Millett’s book Sexual Politics was pivotal for the developing second wave feminist movement. It was regarded as very important both by feminists at the time and by the media. Time magazine labelled Millett as the Mao Tse-Tung of women’s liberation, but the book is not as well known today as might be expected for […]

Where have all the radicals gone? When feminism gets moderate – April 2011

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In a world where feminism as a whole is often touted as a bad word, radical feminism in particular is marginalized, not only by the mainstream media, but often within third-wave feminist discourse. Are we afraid to be ‘too’ radical at the risk of alienating the masses? Or is radical feminism simply misunderstood? This radio […]