Facing our Fear: Transgenderism vs Radical Feminism – interview with Meghan Murphy, May 2012

MM: What is your perspective on transgenderism? SJ: I understand transgenderism to be a diagnosis of the medical profession constructed in the late 20th century … it seems to have come from work that was being done by sexologists in the mid 20th century when the sexological profession – endocrinologists and so on – invented […]

Where have all the radicals gone? When feminism gets moderate – April 2011

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In a world where feminism as a whole is often touted as a bad word, radical feminism in particular is marginalized, not only by the mainstream media, but often within third-wave feminist discourse. Are we afraid to be ‘too’ radical at the risk of alienating the masses? Or is radical feminism simply misunderstood? This radio […]

Sheila Jeffreys on Kate Millet – March 2009

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Contributing to the Key Thinkers seminar series at the University of Melbourne, radical feminist scholar Sheila Jeffreys talks about the influence of Kate Millett on feminism. Watch the video on YouTube here.

Marriage is a form of prostitution – November 2008

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The feminist author Sheila Jeffreys has never shied away from controversy. Now, with The Industrial Vagina, she takes on the global sex trade. Julie Bindel meets her. It was in the early 1990s, when the British feminist Sheila Jeffreys migrated to Australia, that she realised just how huge the global sex industry had become. Prostitution […]

The Ugly Side of Beauty – July 2005

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Breast implants for 18-year-olds? Hymen reconstructions? Rape-themed fashion collections? Don’t tell Sheila Jeffreys these are signs of female liberation. The radical feminist talks to Julie Bindel Jeffreys, a revolutionary lesbian feminist, is pursuing her 30-odd-year mission to shift women out of their collective complacency. Beauty And Misogyny is her sixth book. Like the others, its […]

Interview on Irish TV “Kenny Live” in 1990

AntiClimax - Book Cover is green. It reads "AntiClimax by Sheila Jeffreys - A feminist perspective on the Sexual Revolution"

Interview with Sheila Jeffreys on “Kenny Live”, an Irish TV show, in 1990, following publication of her book “Anticlimax”. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism – 1982

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Talk given by Sheila Jeffreys in 1982 on sexual liberals and the attack on feminism. Listen to the audio from the National Library of Australia here.