Representing the Prostitute

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Can feminists theorize prostitution if they have never worked as prostitutes? Feminist analysis would be very partial if we could only speak of that which we had personally experienced. In the absence of personal experience feminist theorists can rely upon other women’s accounts and upon the exercise of their own critical political intelligence. In the […]

Heterosexuality: a “Feminism and Psychology” reader

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Feminist theorizing on heterosexuality has taken place in rather a stop/start fashion over the last 20 years. The punishments which are regularly visited upon those who seek to draw heterosexuality out of the protective camouflage of “nature” or “just the way things are”, and into the spotlight of political analysis can be considerably – and […]

The Queer Disappearance of Lesbians: sexuality in the Academy

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This article suggests that the developing field of lesbian and gay studies shows a likelihood to discriminate against the interests of lesbians and certainly against lesbian feminist theory, through the incorporation of a ‘queer’ perspective. Recent writings in the field suggest that ‘queer’ theory and politics are and should be based on the celebration of […]

Book reviews – meat and pornography

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Carol J. Adams: The Sexual Politics of Meat. Oxford: Polity, 1990. 256pp. John Stoltenberg: Refusing to Be a Man. London: Fontana, 1990. 240pp.   The connection between these two books is that they are both saying something hugely unacceptable. Both books have received vicious reviews, especially from those ‘lefty’ alternative types that you might have expected to be sympathetic […]

“Free From All Uninvited Touch of Man”: women’s campaigns around sexuality 1880 – 1914

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The history of sex in the last 100 years has generally been represented as a triumphant march from Victorian prudery into the light of sexual freedom. From a feminist perspective the picture is different. During the last wave of feminism women, often represented as prudes and puritans by historians, waged a massive campaign to transform […]