Woman’s Hour podcast – March 2014

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Jane Garvey talks to Sheila Jeffreys about prostitution. Listen to the podcast here.

Where We Are Now: the Role and Future of Feminist Research – March 2014

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“Scholarly research, like many things, comes inbuilt with certain assumptions, biases and omissions. Take history and historical research. Yawning over centuries and straddling continents, so often the history recorded, studied and researched is a history of the accomplishments, milestones and experiences of men. It is the history of royal bloodlines, religions, battlefields, explorers and scientists. […]

Leading Feminist Launches Bizarre Racist Attack on Trans Community – March 2014

“Members of the Indigenous and trans* communities have slammed bizarre comments by a leading feminist academic comparing trans women to racist entertainers who only “pretend” to be female. University of Melbourne Professor Sheila Jeffreys, who is a lecturer in sexual politics and international feminist politics, made the claims during a feature interview on ABC Radio’s Sunday […]

Good Reads review of Gender Hurts – January 2014

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Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism “It is only recently that transgenderism has been accepted as a disorder for which treatment is available. In the 1990s, a political movement of transgender activism coalesced to campaign for transgender rights. Considerable social, political and legal changes are occurring in response and there is […]

Sex survey finds more British women have female partners – April 2013

The number of British women having same-sex encounters has quadrupled in the last 20 years, according to the largest ever survey of Britain’s sexual habits. The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles revealed a remarkable change in women’s sexual behaviour since the first survey two decades ago. Guests: Professor Sheila Jeffreys Lecturer in international […]

Academic Calls For End To Ritualised Humiliation – April 2013

Originally published in The Australian by Rachel Baxendale, April 26th 2013. The University of Melbourne has declined to condemn gender segregation at public events held by Islamic organisations at its Parkville campus, despite its leading gender-politics academic describing the practice as “sexual apartheid” and a form of “ritualised humiliation”. On April 13, a lecture entitled “Islamic rulings […]

Insult, Offence and the Draft Human Rights and Anti-discrimination Bill – January 2013

“His workmates nicknamed him “Romeo”, in the true Australian larrikin tradition. But “Romeo” took offence to their ribbing. He lodged a discrimination claim on the grounds of “lawful sexual activity”. His employer, a small auto-electrician company in rural Victoria, chose to pay thousands of dollars in compensation in a confidential settlement, to avoid the costs […]

Scarlett Alliance Fails in Bid to Gag Professor – June 2012

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The Scarlett Alliance in Tasmania has failed in their campaign to have visiting Professor Sheila Jeffreys banned from speaking at a Staff Seminar at the University of Tasmania Law School and a Public Forum at the Friends Meeting House in Hobart. “Professor Sheila Jeffreys is from the School of Social and Political Sciences at the […]

Expert Adds To Sex Debate – June 2012

Originally published in The Mercury by Jennifer Crawley, June 3rd 2012. Controversial anti-prostitution campaigner Professor Sheila Jeffreys has visited Hobart as State Parliament gets ready to debate legalisation of the sex industry. Prof Jeffreys spoke at the University of Tasmania law school and a public forum in Hobart yesterday as the Justice Department prepares to give its […]

Let us be free to debate transgenderism without being accused of ‘hate speech’ – May 2012

Researchers and theorists who question the practice of transgenderism are subjected to campaigns of intimidation Criticism of the practice of transgenderism is being censored as a result of a campaign of vilification by transgender activists of anyone who does not accept the new orthodoxy on this issue. A recent Comment is free piece by the transgender activist […]