‘Body Art’ and Social Status: Cutting, Tattooing and Piercing from a Feminist Perspective

This article by Sheila Jeffreys, published in Feminism & Psychology vol. 10(4) 2000, analyses the developing industry of body modification, in which cutting, tattooing and piercing are carried out in studios for profit. It seeks to offer a feminist understanding of this industry which places it on a continuum of harmful cultural practices that include […]

Overview of the Declaration on Women’s sex-based rights

Watch Sheila Jeffreys, co-founder of Women’s Declaration International, give an overview of the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights at the WDI CSW65 event on 20 March 2021 here.

‘Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life’ – book launch at WDI webinar 5 September 2020

Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life is both an engaging autobiography and a fascinating account of feminist history. From the heady days of the Women’s Liberation Movement through to the backlash against radical feminism as neoliberal laissez-faire attitudes took hold. Fast forward to the current re-examination of feminism in light of the #MeToo movement and […]

Book launch: “Trigger Warning – My Lesbian Feminist Life”

Trigger Warning cover

Sheila Jeffreys will be talking about her new book, autobiography “Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life” on Saturday 5 September at 7pm Melbourne AEST/5pm London GMT at a webinar hosted by WDI. Please register in advance for this webinar here. Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life is both an engaging autobiography and a fascinating account […]

Sheila Jeffreys speaks at WDI Spanish language launch – 2 August 2020

Sheila Jeffreys spoke at the Spanish language launch of the WDI Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights on 2 August 2020. Watch Sheila’s speech here.

Men’s sexual rights vs women’s sex-based rights – WDI webinar April 2020

Sheila Jeffreys talks about men’s sexual rights versus women’s sex-based rights at a WDI webinar on 18 April 2020. Watch the webinar here.

Cosmetic Surgery – discussion in South Korea

Surgery image

Watch Sheila Jeffrey’s discussion with feminists from South Korea on cosmetic surgery here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdIsunXC-_g&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2Tb8tkfcu9ux5lEc27xeRoePsYsc35r_MITaWdihrNUtZonBU_pStpxwI

Radical feminist debunks transgenderism – March 2019

Child in make-up image

“Sheila Jeffreys, an English radical feminist and author, has spent more than forty years fighting for women and girls’ sex-based rights. In 2014 she wrote a book Gender Hurts which controversially rejects the politics of transgenderism. Last week she was in New York with the Women’s Human Rights Campaign helping to launch the Declaration on Women’s […]

US Launch of Women’s Declaration International – March 2019

Watch the live recording of the US launch of WDI featuring Sheila Jeffreys, Maureen O’Hara and Heather Brunskell-Evans here.

The politics of the toilet: A feminist response to the campaign to ‘degender’ a women’s space

“This article is a feminist response to the campaigning activism and queer and transgender theory which promotes the ‘degendering’ of public toilets. This campaign originates in the demands of men who transgender to access women’s toilets. Activists argue that sex segregation of toilets is the result of nineteenth century moralism and is a discriminatory practice. […]